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FULLAKIDS International Daycare offers a quality and safe nursery service in an inviting and comfortable setting. Children should enjoy coming to daycare meeting other children, having lots of fun, and be taken care of with love and caring in a way that only a mom can.

friendshp in a nursery

There are 3 branches of Fullakids in Bangkok to take care of children from 6 months to 4 years old. There are different programs available offering different schedules for the convenience of the parent and the child.

Bring your little one in to see how he/she likes to play at Fullakids.

NOTE : Langsuan Branch will be moving around the corner to soi Tonson on August 1st, See you there! :)

Thank you. come eaRLY.. at...FuLLaKidS ..

  Langsuan Branch
[MOVED TO : Tonson Branch ]
Soi Tonson near Ploenchit Road, across from Central Chidlom, in Piya Place.

 Asoke Branch
Soi.Sukhumvit 19 (near Robinson)
(Behind Westin Hotel)
Asoke BTS or Sukhumvit MRT Station

 Town in Town Branch
Ladprao 94 & Ramkhamhaeng 43/1
   (300m. from UdomSuksa School)
Eakamai-RamIntra Express Way

Lots of Fun at Fullakids

This is how we have fun at Fullakids !!!
First we team up . . then . . we play hard ! Ha Ha Ha ! ! !
team up before play playgroup childcare's fun day care fun funfunfun fun in a nursery playgroup daycare
What's up at Payathai this month?.
well.. first we play.. then we listen to stories.. we sing songs.. we dance.. and we play.. we paint.. and we play again.. we wash our hands.. we eat good foods.. and then we sleep...  
What about in LangSuan?
well.. for the privilege of being here juuuust a little bit longer.. we choose to have fun by dressing up and rehearsing for our private "BROADWAY SHOW " (shhh!!! we wanna be princesesses...)... Ha Ha Ha ! ! ! .  

Meet our members who make fullakids always full of fun. At fullakids website each member will have a personal album to keep all their pictures taken while joining fullakids. The personal album will be kept here for their visit at anytime in the future to recall the good times and memories at fullakids.

please click to see our pictures

Amir Ai Jung Tikie Gao Francis Baipai


Elizabeth Ream Martin Tyler
Tam Sacha
Fullakids team and our lovely nannies
Luisa aDA Patience Olivia Shogun Emily
ELSA Baibua NaKITA in Serena Pinky

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